Ivy the Creator

While Ivy Supersonic used a majority of her energy to create rock-star worthy hats, jeans, and her infamous Sqrat aka Scrat character, she always searched for a way to connect with dearly departed friends and loved ones. Courtesy of watercolor, canvas, and devotion to personal healing she finally found them in her mystical paintings.

These newly forged relationships with the spirits of her past come as a result of an unexpected present; she (and her fan base) consider her a conduit for ‘gift art.’ The first Era of Manifestations happened during the 1830s and was a time when outsider artists created gift drawings from the spirits that surround us. During that period, Shakers lead the spiritual revivalism. Now it is Brooklyn-born Supersonics’ turn.

Supersonic has admitted that she is “…not even sure I know how to paint,” and instead accredits her work to the fact that she is a “vessel” or a “channel” chosen by the spirits to share their messages with those who are still Earthbound.

The process started innocently enough. After taking a spiritual pilgrimage to the west coast and visiting spectral hubs including vortexes in Sedona AZ and the moon rock in California’s Griffith Park Observatory, Ivy returned to New York City renewed and refreshed. On the anniversary of her father’s passing, she visited an art store featuring his name, Jerry, and picked up her first batch of supplies. She started painting on December 19, 2016; around the first time Christmas and Chanukah fell on the same day in 50 years. Those efforts produced vividly colored works using a mix of both bold and light brushstrokes applied with an “unearthly vigor” (Huffingtonpost.com).

The results are startling and contain hidden images and messages layered throughout her work. Turn one of her canvases in any direction, and you’ll sense the power of the Four Winds and catch a glimpse of God’s strength in action. Lost people, worlds, civilizations, spirits, forgotten Gods and yet to be named beings all have a role in her mystical creations. Glimpses of other worlds, mystical creatures, and magical people are present and await a discerning eye and an open spirit of adventure during the viewer’s interactive experience.

She posted her work to Facebook and launched a phenomenon. After viewing her work, her social circle spotted Fairies, Angels, The Shroud of Turin, The Last Supper, Jesus, and his Disciples within her creations. It is only because of this feedback that Ivy has accepted that her abstract art pieces are a modern-day miracle.

Located at 41 East 11th Street on the 11th Floor, call 917.210.1100 to make a studio appointment.

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