Ivy Supersonics’ Art of Mysticism

On  December 19th, 2016, Ivy Supersonic started painting on canvas with watercolors. She opened an art studio April 2017 in the East Village and began documenting “Ivy Supersonics’ Art of Mysticism” with filmmaker Bryan Sarkinen, In viewing her works,  Ivys’ social circle spotted Fairies, Angels, Kings, Queens, The Shroud of Turin, The Crown of Thorns, Moses, The Last Supper, Jesus, and his Disciples all within her paintings, After posting her artwork to Facebook and  launching a phenomenon, the Huffington Post wrote first review, that can be read here: “The paintings are clearly psychic, coming from the mysterious space described by mystics like Jung.” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/review-ivy-silbersteins-psychic-watercolors_us_58f4ef23e4b015669722514eIvy Supersonic says the paint brush to her is like the wand is to Harry Potter; accepting that her abstract art pieces are a modern-day miracle. To view  Ivy’s Art visit http://www.IvysParanormal.com